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Version Planned changes Planned release date
Next minor version
Beta 1.8 "Adventure Update"
Dubbed the "Adventure Update", meant to flesh out the game a bit and make exploration and combat more rewarding.[1][2] Note that this is not Adventure Mode.[3][4]


Shift+Click on items will work correctly.[5]
Labels for items will be added.[6]
Redstone circuits not working after time set (x) glitch going to be fixed in SMP.[7]
User placed leaf blocks won't decay.[8]
Clouds won't go through buildings anymore.[9]

Different game modes.[10]
Limited flying in Creative mode
"At least one new mob"[11]
New Enderman mob. [12][13]
New features in the terrain generator; things which will only appear in new worlds/chunks[14]
NPC Villages [15] with farms[16] and "town borders".[17]
Underground Ravines including canyons on the surface and ledges to walk on.[18][19]
Strongholds[20], consisting of 4 new blocks: Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, and Iron Bars.[21] (names unconfirmed)
New Mushroom biome[22] which will include Huge Mushrooms, both brown and red.[23]
Larger Biomes [24]
New combat Mechanics[15]
Critical hits[25]
Hold-to-charge bows[26]
Player blocking attack animation and hostile mob attack animations, possibly more player animations[27][28]
New farming options, more interesting farming.[25][29][11]
This could be the Cocoa Bean tree Jeb was talking about.[15]
Plantable pumpkins and melons, each with a central stem that grows to max size and spawns a fruit next to it.[30]
Animal breeding.[31]
New Food & Hunger System:
Food no longer heals directly but indirectly.[32]
There is now a hunger bar.[32]
Food will be stackable.[33][34]
Food takes now 1.6 seconds to consume.[32]
There is now a food eating animation.[35][32]
There will be most likely sound effects for consuming food.[35]
Hunger is possibly optional since according to Notch it will be possible to play without food.[36]
5 new food items.[37]
Cooked Chicken.[38]
Raw Chicken.[39]
Potentially Steak (or some other food item from cows).[40]
New Melon block, but not yet confirmed as food.
New achievements:
Kill a skeleton with an arrow at 50 meters.[41]
Possibly Shoot the Moon with an arrow.[42]
Sprinting: By double pressing the forward button, the player will move faster.[43]
Hitting a mob while "rushing" (sprinting?) sends them flying.[44]
Glass Panes.[45]
Possibly Spike blocks, Jeb initially considered Spike Pistons, but then pondered making a Spike block that can be pushed by the Sticky Piston.[46]
Arrows will be stuck on mobs when it hits [47]
Graphics / UI / Audio:

New improved lighting — day/night cycles will not require chunk updates.[48] Lighting will be updated via a texture, whose coordinates are the block's sky light and block light levels.[49]
Warmer light from torches.[50]
New texture for Moss Stone.[51]
Sliders for field of view and gamma in video options.[52][53][54]
Redesigned HUD, including two new features, hunger and experience bars.[55]
New launcher.[56][57]
Possibly a web Applet launcher.[58]
A lot of new sounds and some changes, such as minecart sounds and shear sounds, also a change in the sound of rain.[59][60]
New bow sounds (including hits), new door sounds, big slimes sound, and walking skeletons sound more skeletony.[61]
Possibly new particle effects.[62]

Multiplayer server list[63][64]
Improved server join screen: The server join screen will feature a list of servers[65]
Player List - Press tab in multiplayer and player list comes up.[66]
The ability to allow moderators to enter creative mode in SMP.[67]

Modding Support[25]
Including easier changing of the max level (map) height.[68]
After PAX Prime 2011 (August 26th-28th) [69]
Nightly Builds
Beta 1.8+
Access to nightly builds.[70]
After Beta 1.8
Next development phase
"Full version" 1.0
"Full version" release date.[71]
November 11[71] (100 days from now)
(Note: Date may be slipped for MinecraftCon) [1]
Game content


Feature Description
Animal Persistence Jeb mentioned on twitter that all animals will be more persistent "soon" [72]
Wool Regrowth on Sheep Jeb mentioned on twitter that once animals are persistant, wool regrowth on sheep will be necessary [72]
Capture the Flag Announced on Notch's Blog.[73]
More Mobs More mobs have been confirmed for addition into Minecraft.[74][75]
Bow Enhancements Announced on Notch's Twitter.[76]
Improvements to Combat Notch replied to a comment on Twitter, saying that combat is currently very "lacking" and needs to be more fun.[77] Jeb stated during his Dreamhack presentation, that critical hits will be added, and such things as doing double damage when attacking from above.[78]
Modding API Official modding support. Agreed on by Notch at Get Satisfaction,[79] This will include full source code, be free [80] and unobfuscated.[81]
Mounting/Controlling Mobs The ability to mount and control mobs. Notch confirmed it was planned but will take time at Get Satisfaction.[82]
Recent SMP Server Connections Menu A menu to be implemented to allow players to see what servers they have connected to recently, so they may reconnect. Notch said "WILCO" meaning "will comply" on Get Satisfaction.[83]
Rain Re-grows Flowers A community member asked if rain would grow flowers back. Jeb said that yes it will and he wants to implement it.[84]
Minecarts as lava boats Notch has suggested making minecarts act like boats when placed in lava.[85]
Ingame Way to Acquire Apples Jeb mentioned on twitter that he'd like apples to spawn in the game world somehow.[86]
The ability to write in Books Notch has hinted that with the use of location in Maps he might be able to enable writing in Books in the future.[87]
Custom Paintings Notch has said that Custom Paintings may feature in a future update.[88]
Stereoscopic and/or Green/Magenta 3D Notch said he would add more options for the 3D mode.[89]
More Powerful Powered Minecarts Notch indicated on Twitter that he wants to make Powered Minecarts better since Powered Rails made them relatively useless.[90]
Audio Loops Audio loops have not yet been added to the game, but may be played when the player is in a specific location (In caves, woods, sea and beside a waterfall).[citation needed]
Sky / Floating Island Dimension A floating island dimension in the sky that currently "performs well, [but] looks ugly" (The sky dimension's terrain renderer will be improved). However, he said he had to fix the Nether first.[91] Confirmed to be in a future update.[92]
Friends list The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[93][94]
Multithreading The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[93]
Limited maps The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[93]
Creative mode The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[93]
Video Support The Minecraft documentary team of 2 Player Productions filmed a Keynote roadmap, also containing this line.[93]
Special biomes Jeb stated during his Dreamhack presentation that they were planning on adding more reasons for going to specific biomes.[78]
Stronger tools Jeb stated during his dreamhack presentation that he was working on something stronger than diamond tools. He did however say that this was not a new set of tools, but rather something that could be used to enhance your tools to make them stronger.[78]
More content for The Nether During his dreamhack presentations, Jeb stated that Notch thinks The Nether "isn't interesting enough",
and therefore wants to add more content to it. Notch also hinted to this on twitter.[78][95]

Flying The ability to fly.(Confirmed)[96][97]
NPC Villages First stated in a Tumblr post by Notch, since then confirmed to be released in Beta 1.8.[15]
Official Support for High Resolution Texture Packs Described by Jeb as "on my todo list".[98]
FOV Slider FOV (or Field Of Vision) will be able to be adjusted using a slider in the options screen.[99]
Feature Description
Lanterns Originally planned to be introduced in the Halloween Update. This feature was delayed because of the lack of time and will be implemented in a future update.[100] Lanterns were "on hold,"[101] though Notch may be working on them again.[102]
Food Jeb tweeted that he will add more food, but golems, tents, elevators, emotes, "critters", dragons, class leveling systems, and unicorns are unlikely to be added.[103]
Cobweb blocks These blocks were added in 1.5, but can currently only be obtained through inventory editing.
Display cases/racks Notch has stated several times on Twitter that he intends to add some way to display items such as armor and weapons.[104]
Fence gates Notch has stated he wants to add proper gates for fences.[105]
Additional Music Discs When Beta 1.6 was released, Notch stated that he had added support for over 15 new songs for the Jukebox, but had not yet made the records for them.
The ability to name Chests Notch has stated he will add this feature.[106]
Cocoa Bean plant Jeb Said during his Dreamhack presentation that cocoa trees are pending.[78]
New platforms/releases

On the 28th of March, it was announced that work has started on the mobile version of Minecraft.[107] It will be released first on to the Sony Xperia Play, and later to other Android/iOS devices.[108][109]
Minecraft mobile was demoed at E3.[110] On the 25th of May 2011 a demonstration video was uploaded on Mojang's YouTube channel
The full version of Minecraft is planned to be released on the 11th (maybe 18th) of November,[71] which is in 100 days.
On June 6, it was announced that Minecraft is going to be released on the Xbox 360[111][112]

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