Leirnor's town

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Leirnor's town

Post  Leirnor on Thu Aug 04, 2011 5:45 pm

I'm Leirnor, i'm not sure if everyone already knows me but anyway...
my town is almost finished just got a few things to do.
At this point i want to sell some houses, but those are premade houses and they can not be modified in the outside(inside you can do whatever you want). Also i want to sell 4 houses to peoople that want to make a shop in my town. These houses have 2 floors and i think they have enough room for selling itens.
as soon as i can i'll post some SS(as soon as the server get on again)
If you are interested in those topics please post a reply and PM me on game, and please i need active players, i dont want 1 time server players becuse i want a pretty alive town with a active economy.
oh i'm calling the town Rio now, becuse it's based on Rio in the XIX century.

and please forgive me for any english mistakes, mine is not that good.

(edit): the town is behind the thaiti portal close to the Rohirrin airship inside a big wall with huge towers


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