Back from Vacation!

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Back from Vacation!

Post  Mister_Tape on Sun Aug 14, 2011 2:25 am

I will be back from Vacation tommorow, or today from the post is around 1:20 A.M... I will be back on 8/14/2011, around 3:00 or 5:00. Hopefully I come home shorter at 1:00. But, I have been away and hopefully my right hand man who knows who he is has made good changes to our City In the Lair. I will Come back to make more changes, such as a Capitol if not made. Big changes will be made, and please anyone who wants to help, (mainly vamps) Contact me in server. I am going to be really active and helpful to make up for absence. I hope to see most of you and new players! Have a good day.

~Contact Information~

To join the Vampire City Building: Just ask me if you want to help. I must warn you, If I see PVPing in construction, you will be Kicked out of helping us build and killed. More information will be given out later for me to find the details of what is needing of help when I get on. Hopefully it isnt done so I dont look like a idiot...


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