Grief Spree

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Grief Spree

Post  lemondingo2 on Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:11 pm

There has apparently been a grief spree in Grimworld. I know Leviathan said he would post some of the following item himself, but for the sake of everything being in one location I'm making this post.

The following have been griefed/stolen:

3 Green wool from the Camelot/Market place line in Capital City Station

5 Power rails on Obsidian Line and is blocked further down the rail causing anyone on the track to become stuck and die

1 anvil of mine in a mine

1 anvil from my house in the old starter town

Possible theft of unlocked chests in same house (I can't remember if they were empty already or not)

2 anvils in the public workshop in Starterfields

All iron from the Tar Valon workshop was taken

Glowstones are have been removed in various spots in NetherHaven (not sure how they managed that one but they did...)

If I find any more in my travels I will update the list.

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