VIP Acccess for donations.

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VIP Acccess for donations.

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:33 pm

Ok, due to the amount of players we have had lately, we have been hitting 16/16 players online fairly often. This is great but it means no one else can log in. I want to raise the number of server slots we have but I need help paying for it. In this effort I have not installed a VIP log in mod that will allow you to log in with priority if the server is full. This means that the last person to log in that is not a VIP will be booted and the VIP can log in. To get a VIP log in, you must help the server out by donating. A donation of $5 will buy you 2 months of VIP. After that, you can donate again or else it becomes available for someone else to own. You can buy up to 6 months max. For tracking purposes, a month is considered 30 days.

Only thing to note is you can still get booted if you are a VIP but only if a Admin or Moderator log in. These are the only People who can boot you off.

Thanks again for your support to make GrimWorld the best!

Oh, and all donations will go to increasing the server slot limit.


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