The Mods List of Doom

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The Mods List of Doom

Post  Linna347 on Tue May 17, 2011 10:28 pm

What it is: Residence 2.0
What it means to you: Allows you to protect land against grieving and theft (at the cost of in-game money).
Basic Command List: See the Residence Wiki for more information.

What it is: Jobs
What it means to you: You select a Job from the list and get paid in-game money for placing or destroying blocks. Needed to protect buildings via Residence and to buy things from in-game stores via Citizenz.
Basic Command List:
/jobs join [JOBNAME]
/jobs leave [JOBNAME]
/jobs browse
/jobs stats

What it is: iConomy
What it means to you: Allows you have to in-game money. Works with Residences and Citizenz.
Basic Command List:
/money (Shows your money)
/money help (shows the help menu for iConomy.)
/money pay name amount (allows you to pay other players money)

What it is: Citizens
What it means to you: GrimWorld has shops and shop owners as well as wizards and healers.

What it is: Lockette
What it means to you: Protects your chests and doors from other players snooping around.
Basic Command List: Place a sign with [Private] written on the top line. If you want a friend to be able to open your private door/chest place their name on line 3.

Other Mods:
What it is: Bed Respawn
What it means to you: Don't have to travel to initial spawn point every time you die. Build a bed in your house and when you die, you'll spawn there.
Basic Command List: Right Click on your bed to set spawn point.

What it is:Message of the Day (MotD)
What it means to you: Pay attention when you log on for important updates from the OPs

What it is: Simple Whisper
What it means to you: Can send private messages to anyone logged on the server.
Basic Commands: /pm name message


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